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Roughnecks GM, Mike Board provides his thoughts on Friday's match-up versus Washington, and more.

By Avery Buye | Published: 2/7/2012 at 2:21:34 PM

After surrendering two consecutive OT losses at home, what do you believe the guys need to do to regain the upper-hand?

To a degree we have been beating ourselves as we had fourth quarter leads in both the losses. Collectively, we need to be able to develop a killer instinct and keep our foot on the gas when we have leads. And we need to be poised. We have good players and good systems. We don't need to get flustered late in games and get outside our systems. We just need to believe in the systems and stick with them.

With a quarter of the regular season finished, what are your thoughts? Positives? Negatives?

At the outset, in my mind, I thought we had a realistic chance to be 3-1 at this stage of the season. Our two losses have been in overtime to the two first place teams in the league. So, we are not far off our mark. There have been a lot of positives. I like our transition game. We can run with anyone in the league. Our offence has shown a lot of depth. We aren't having to rely on one or two people in our offence.  We are a young team and we are learning each game, which is what you want to do.

Geoff Snider leads the league in both faceoffs and loose balls, from your perspective how important is it to dominate these often underrated stats?

Possession of the ball is a huge part of the game. Having Geoff in the face-off circle gives us the opportunity to gain possession and go on offence on a consistent basis. You can't score without the ball and Geoff is a big part of getting us the ball.

Speaking of Geoff, he is set to play his brother, Bob Snider, in your upcoming game against Washington on Friday what should fans expect of this brotherly match-up?

They are two of the best draw men in the business. The last time we were in Washington they had some big battles for draws. They may be brothers but they compete hard against each other. I believe Geoff beat Bob more often than not last time. Bob won't like that and Geoff will certainly know his brother will be ultra-competitive.

Other expectations when facing Washington on Friday, both of your team and of the opposition?

Washington got off to a slow start but their shooters, Rhys Duch and Lewis Ratcliffe were on their games last week when they beat Buffalo on the road. They are a big team that can run. We need to counter their size with our speed and tenacity. It will be two very hungry teams facing each other Friday.



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