The Jr. Roughnecks Midget Team announced the team’s active roster for the 2017 Junior National Lacrosse League Tournament.

“Over the last (four weeks) we’ve seen a sharp increase in the level of execution, the compete level, and the pace of play” said Midget coach John Kilbride. “Our players are starting to transition from having to think about what they’re doing on the floor, to simply acting/reacting.

“I think this next level of play is going to translate well at this tournament, but also our players are really going to enjoy the overall experience thanks to the high level of competition, along with the superb care our executive, management, and parents are putting into this endeavour.

“In the end we have a great group of young men who are showing us every practice that they care about becoming the best players they can be, and the best people they can be. That’s what lacrosse can help facilitate in us all.”

Height Weight Shots Club Number
Andrew O. 6’0 170 Right Calgary Axeman 14
Ashton W. 5’11 160 Left Calgary Axeman 24
Brydon R. 5’5 130 Left HOKS 2
Colby A. 6’1 150 Left Calgary Axeman 11
David B. 5’9 150 Left Calgary Knights 15
Davis D. 6’1 150 Right Calgary Sabrecats 44
Haytham D. 5’10 195 Right Calgary Sabrecats 57
Hunter L. 5’8 140 Left Calgary Axeman 10
Jack B. 6’1 210 Goalie Calgary Sabrecats 00
Jacob S. 6’1 165 Right Calgary Axeman 25
Marshall B. 6’0 180 Left Red Deer Chiefs 88
Nathan L. 5’7 125 Left Predators 99
Nicholas D. 6’0 150 Right Predators 43
Nolan O. 5’9 135 Right Predators 17
Riley I. 5’9 140 Left Calgary Axeman 9
Skylar R. 5’10 180 Right Predators 22
Cole P. 6’2 185 left Axemen 12
Walker S. 6’1 170 Left Red Deer Chiefs 34
Zack V. 5’10 158 Right HOKS 4
The National Lacrosse League (NLL), the largest men’s professional indoor lacrosse league in North America, is hosting the fifth annual Junior NLL Tournament, a weekend-long competition featuring youth clubs representing NLL teams across North America. Teams from three divisions will compete at the Toronto Rock Athletic Center and Glen Abbey Community Center in Oakville, Ontario from Friday, August 25 to Sunday August 27.

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