ILIndoor’s sixth edition of the Top 50 players in lacrosse is based on voting from Stephen Stamp, Bob Chavez, Marty O’Neill and Teddy Jenner.

Each voter submitted a Top 50 list, and names on the list were awarded points based on the vote. A No. 1 vote was awarded 50 points, No. 2 got 49 points, etc. ILIndoor is publishing 1 profile per day through December up to the National Lacrosse League season opener.

Included in each profile is statistics for the most recent season(s) and comments from each voter on the profiled player. Marty O’Neill

Shattler with time and space is as dangerous as ever. Playing with Dobbie in 2016 for a half season didn’t make things easy on Shatts. Still the vet got his points and continued to possess the ball in key situations. Jeff is one creative guy and we should expect more in 2017 without him having to QB the offense as much as last year.
Stephen Stamp

Shattler went a little under the radar in 2016, so it is a bit surprising to look at his stats and see that he produced the highest assist and point totals of his career. He’s a smooth operator who does many things for his team. He’s athletic and can wow you with bursts of quickness, but he is so smart and efficient about how he plays the game that he can lull opponents to inattentiveness, which of course makes his burst all the more effective.
Teddy Jenner

If he wanted to, Shattler could play an entire game and never get tired. That’s one of his best strengths, a never-ending gas tank. He also has one of the slickest and quickest sticks in all of lacrosse. At times it may look like he’s floating on the floor but that’s because he makes it look so easy.
Bob Chavez

Versatility is his game and the motor that fuels it. He’s a finisher, a helper and an all-around player in his end and that’s what makes him so valuable. He can do whatever needs to be done and his smarts for the game helps him recognize exactly what it is that needs to be done, and when to do it.

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