CALGARY, AB – Members of the Calgary Roughnecks Drill Crew dance squad rolled up their sleeves and helped make lunches for the kids of Calgary.

“We came in this morning and made about 1,000 sandwiches for kids to be distributed to kids who don’t come to school with a lunch, or can’t afford it, or for whatever reason don’t have a lunch,” said Drill Crew coach Dana Murphy.

In conjunction with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, the Drill Crew members were able to help make lunch for many children who would otherwise go hungry. Not only did the Drill Crew help with their lunch making, but they also presented the foundation with a cheque. This season, the Drill Crew sold calendars where one dollar from every purchase to charity. The Drill Crew sold out of their calendars and with the Roughnecks Foundation matching their donation, they presented a cheque for $6,628 to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.

The Drill Crew’s donation will be matched additionally as part of a campaign through Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids.

“The Prosser Family Foundation has been doing a matching campaign with us for a few years now,” said volunteer and administration coordinator Wendy Treschel. “They have agreed to match up to $60,000 between May 1st and June 15th. We are thrilled that the Drill crew could come in today and their $6,628 will be matched additionally.”

That means that the Drill Crew’s donation will result in over $13,000 for the charity.

The Drill Crew chose this charity because they wanted to make a difference in the Calgary area and get more involved by being hands on in the process, as opposed to simply writing a cheque. Brown Bagging for kids was the perfect charity as the money goes a long ways and they were able to get involved in making the lunches.

The girls from the Drill Crew that were able to participate were extremely happy to be able to help and give back to the community.

“It’s so great that we can give back to Calgary and our community,” said Michelle, a Drill Crew dancer.

The charity has been around for many years thanks to the support of people in Calgary. That means that donations and volunteers are always needed to keep the organization running smoothly.

“Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids has been around for about 20 years in Calgary and we feed about 2500 kids every day,” Treschel said. “We make lunches here in our kitchen and we rely on the generous support of Calgarians to help fund our program, make our lunches, and deliver them to the kids.

“We rely on volunteers heavily. We have volunteers that help us make lunches, we have volunteers that help us deliver the lunches to schools, we have volunteers who help us with fundraising, so our program definitely relies on volunteers and if anyone is interested in helping, we would love to hear from them.”

For information on helping out, contact Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids at 403-264-7979 [email protected].

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