By: Riley Pollock – 23.01.24

It’s finally time for the Riggers to return home.

It’s been a weird schedule to start this campaign. The team has had four bye-weeks and played just one home game so far this season out of their five games played.

They find themselves 2-3 through this opening stretch and are happy to gain some consistency going forward now in when they take to the carpet.

“It will be nice to try and get into a groove,” said Riggers star transition player Zach Currier. “Personally, I’m a guy who thrives in a routine so to be able to get home on Sundays and get right to the next week and get ready for the next Saturday not having bye-weeks or change or routine it’s going to be helpful for me personally.

“It’s a tough league to take two-weeks off and then come onto the floor and perform at a high level. It will be nice to keep rolling, be in routine, and get out there every Saturday and play some lacrosse.”

The Roughnecks have five games in the month of February, with four at home. Head coach Josh Sanderson says playing in the Rough House will be huge for his group.

“We can’t wait to get back home again,” he said. “We obviously had a great first game there. We haven’t been there a lot which means we have a lot of home games left in the season. It’s something that we’re going to focus on being very good at home and that starts against New York.”

Both Currier and Sanderson say the team needs to use this bye week to get their conditioning up to speed because the stopping and starting of the season has done them no favours in that department so far.

“We’re used to it so we should know how to come out of a bye now,” he said. “Obviously we have to make sure our fitness is locked in would be number one. One of the tough parts about the byes is getting that fitness fully locked in. Games are the best way to get there so fitness will be very important for us and then making sure we start on time against New York.”

The Riggers begin the month of Feb. with a double header at home Feb. 2-3 against New York and Toronto TICKETS.

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