Josh Currier on what worked for the team Saturday night:

“Start to finish I think we were great in all facets. Delbs (Christian Del Bianco) was unreal, our (offence) played really well, our (defence) played well, our ball team did well so it was just a complete team effort.”

On the teams consistent play:

“I think we just learned from those first two games. That’s been a big focus point that we were only playing one half of those first games so its been a big focus point with our preparation so we just executed well.”


Tanner Cook on what went right for him on Saturday:

“It felt like it was just one of those nights. I kept throwing them at the net and they kept falling. I mean it was just one of those nights, you love to celebrate around the guys at the end of the day and that is what we’re going to do here.”

On the performance from the Currier brothers: 

Those guys day in and day out they are putting the effort in. There is no one quite like them two…they’re playing like men out there. it’s wonderful having them on our squad.”


Josh Sanderson on Curtis Manning reading the starting lineup: 

“I’ve got a ton of respect for Curtis, so do all the guys in the room so it was really cool that he could come and help us out, get us ready for the game. I know the guys were excited with it and so was I because I got to play with him too and it was just a big win for us.”

On Tanner Cook’s performance and winning it for the BC guys:

He does a lot of little things with his picks and his size and obviously the ball was going in for him tonight so really happy for Tanner. Just happy for all guys, it’s a big win we’ve got twelve guys from this area Troy (Cordingley) and Flip (Phil Sanderson) were part of this team last year and Logan (Schuss) so we just wanted to take care of them. We know Vancouver is only going to get better so we needed this win.”

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