The impressive thing about Dane Dobbie and his goal-scoring ways is just how consistent he’s been over the course of his 7 full National Lacrosse League seasons.

Since 2009, the left-handed forward out of Elora, Ont., has scored fewer than 34 goals just 1 time and even then, 28 goals in an injury-shortened 2012 season ain’t all that bad. So when Dobbie finished with 36 goals as part of his 67-point season with the Calgary Roughnecks last winter, it was just business as usual for a guy who continually keeps himself at the head of the class when it comes to offense.

But, as we know, scorers aren’t all that uncommon in lacrosse. What puts Dobbie in a class of his own is his heart. It’s a characteristic that’s been written about over and over again but who in their right mind can deny Dobbie’s passion?

Listed at 5-foot-8 and 180 pounds, it’s as though all logic and rationality is tossed out the window when you watch Dobbie play. Constantly, he’s diving, pushing, clawing, scratching and battling for every inch of space on the floor during his shifts. It’s a fantastic trait to have, of course, but it’s nearly impossible to not cringe when Dobbie’s frame is bouncing around like a pinball from defender to defender.

But that’s the other impressive thing about Dane Dobbie. The way he wants the ball, the way he goes to the ball and the way he goes after doing what needs to be done is fueled by a desire that really is second to none. Some days, the cost of scoring goals is higher than other days. But Dobbie doesn’t care. His job is to score goals and be part of a flowing offense and the way he goes about that task is what makes him one of the Top 50 players in lacrosse today.

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