The great thing about being a superstar is the level of expectation from your game. That’s also the downside, as Jeff Shattler discovered in 2015.

At least at the National Lacrosse League level. The left-hander who was born in Edmonton put up NLL numbers in Calgary that were well-below what we’re used to seeing. But considering what he did over the summer, he continues to show the world that he’s one of the best. One of the Top 50 best, as it were.

Shattler scored 30 or more goals for 3 straight seasons and 72 or more points for 4 with the Calgary Roughnecks. But that streak came to an end in 2015 as he finished with 28 goals and 62 points which, by most accounts, still is a solid season.

But this is Shattler we’re talking about. We’ve become so accustomed to seeing great play up and down the floor and while it’s not like he completely disappeared, perhaps Calgary’s 0-6 start to the season offers an explanation.

In the same vein of explanations, his work with the Six Nations Chiefs in the Major Series and with the Iroquois Nationals at the WILC reminded us that yeah, dude’s still got plenty. He was third on the Chiefs in scoring with 67 points and his presence with the Iroquois provided leadership and yes, plenty of points.

So yes, maybe the points were down a bit in the NLL last winter. Still, 62 points and 28 goals isn’t exactly a chump season and as he showed over the summer, Shattler’s game is far from gone. The motor remains revved high and there’s no question he’s among the Top 50 in the game today and will be for a long time to come.
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