CALGARY, AB – While the Calgary Roughnecks boast elite goal scorers like Curtis Dickson, Dane Dobbie, and Shawn Evans, there is another player who presents a big problem for the Vancouver Stealth.

That man is Mike Carnegie.

Since the Stealth franchise entered the league after the 2013 season, Carnegie has only scored against them. In fact, he has three goals in 2015, one coming in each game against Vancouver.

In the home opener, Carnegie opened the scoring with the first goal of the Roughnecks season.

Surely, he’d like to start off Saturday’s game in similar fashion.

“All I can say is that hopefully I can get one next Saturday,” Carnegie said. “Hopefully I can do that and help the team out in any way possible. I’m a stay at home defenseman, so I don’t usually score. You rarely see me cross half. I’ll take the goals any way I can get them.”

Known more for his prowess in the defensive end, Carnegie has found a way to be productive against the Stealth. Although, he is more concerned with his play in his own end. Keeping goals out of his own net, rather than scoring goals himself, is more important.

However, if the defenseman sees an opportunity to push the offence from the backend, he will not hesitate to take it.

“I think we need goals anyway possible,” Carnegie said. “Anytime you play tight games like that, goals are hard to come by. Especially in the one and done games, if you can get scoring from guys that you don’t expect scoring from, you have a better chance for your team to win.”

The Stealth will have to keep their eye on the Roughnecks transition game and the possibility of offence coming from the backend on Saturday.

With this final game at Vancouver having much more meaning than previous games, the Roughnecks will be hoping that Carnegie can continue his stretch of success against the Stealth.

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