CALGARY, AB — Calgary Roughnecks rookie Tyson Bell didn’t fly much before making the roster.

Now, the tough defender is making flights across the country on a regular basis. Since the start of the regular season, Bell has made 23 WestJet flights, totalling 73.47 hours and 62,837 kilometres.

Since Bell spends so much time flying with WestJet, the preferred airline of the Calgary Roughnecks, we thought it would be fun to know how the rookie spends his travel time.

Fasten your seatbelts, because here we go:

Favourite Airport: YVR (Vancouver, BC)

If I could fly anywhere WestJet flies, I’d visit and why? I was on the app earlier today, checking on my WestJet dollars andlooking at destinations. I would definitely go to Ireland.

Flight routine: After I board, I introduce myself to the person beside me, check out the Food Network on WestJet Connect, try to find a good movie to watch, and if not, I go right to sleep.

First flight: It was probably about 10 years ago or more. My family flew down to Florida for vacation.

Cookies or Pretzels
Window or Aisle
Light or Heavy Packer
Sleep or Conversation
Rock or Hip Hop
WestJet Connect or Read
Earbuds or Headphones
Coffee or Tea
Early Check-In or Last Minute Arrival
Red-Eye or Connecting Flight
Blanket or Pillow
Shoes or Sandals
Suitcase or Backpack
In-Flight Snacker or Airport Restaurant
Front or Back of the Plane
General Security or Nexus
Crossword or Sudoku

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