Goaltender Mike Poulin tries to get creative when it comes to his mask.

Two years ago – his first full year with the Roughnecks – it paid homage to New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur.

Last season, he showed off his superhero fandom with Christian Bale’s Batman on one side and Heath Ledger’s The Joker on the other.

This year, he decided to honour everyone of his teammates.

“This is a really cool bunch that we have and what I tried to do this year was have every teammate and every coach to be apart of it this year,” said Poulin, the reigning NLL Goalie of the Year.

“It’s just a bunch of last names of everyone now and some past Roughnecks who have made impacts on championships and really mean something as a family.”

‘Family’ is the motto for the Roughnecks this year, and this is Poulin paying respect to his family.

In addition to every Roughnecks player this year, it also has the likes of Kaleb Toth, Tracey Kelusky, Curtis Palidwor, Lewis Ratcliff, Jeff Moleski and a few others.

“Every year I get a new helmet and I take a couple of days to think about it, I’m not that creative of a guy but I new this year with the bunch we had, I thought everybody should be on it,” he said.

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