CALGARY, AB — For Kellen LeClair, 2015 has been a good year.

After winning a Minto Cup with the Six Nations Arrow, the 20-year-old was then was drafted into the NLL by the Calgary Roughnecks.

“It feels great,” the 6’4” defenceman said. “I can’t wait to come out and try to have a chance to make the team. I can’t wait to just play in the NLL. It didn’t matter much for me what team drafted me. I’m just excited to play in the NLL.”

Getting drafted by Calgary was a total surprise for LeClair.

He hadn’t spoken to anyone from the Roughnecks organization before they selected him with the 25th overall pick in the draft.

It’s even more surprising considering he registered late for the NLL Draft.

“I honestly had no clue,” he said. “I hadn’t talked to anyone from the Roughnecks. I registered for the draft late, so it was a surprise.”

As a defensive end for the University of Windsor Lancers football team, LeClair is a tough defender who can play a physical game.

He brings that style of play to the turf, too.

“I’m mostly a stay at home defenceman,” he said. “I make a lot of big hits. I try to lay the body when I can. I’m pretty physical inside and I’m a good lock down one-on-one defender.”

He’ll bring that toughness to training camp where he’ll match up against offensive stars like Curtis Dickson and Shawn Evans.

LeClair has been doing his scouting on the Roughnecks big name forwards as he routinely watched them play in Six Nations this summer.

“I can’t wait,” LeClair said. “I play for Six Nations in the summer and I watched some of those guys in the Peterborough series whenever they came to town. I’ve been watching those guys a lot and I’m excited to get to play with them.”

With the Arrows, LeClair suited up for 15 games in the regular season where he had one assist and scooped 11 loose balls. In 13 playoffs games, he was exceptional in shutting down the top scorers on the opposing teams.

Having declared early for the NLL draft, LeClair knows that he still has plenty to learn.

He believes that hard work can help him reach his ultimate goal — making the roster.

“I don’t really have any high expectations,” LeClair said. “The goal is, obviously, to make the roster. I’m one of the younger guys in the draft, so I want to come out, work as hard as I can and learn from the older guys. See what I can do and take it as I go.”

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