CALGARY, AB — Tor Reinhold is gunning for a roster spot in 2016.

Anywhere. All he wants is to play for the Calgary Roughnecks.

“I’m not really dialed into one position. I’m versatile,” Reinholdt said. “If a spot is a open on offence, I can add some speed and some grit and get the big names open. If I have to play transition, I can do that as well. I don’t want to limit myself. I’m going to position myself to contribute in either spot.”

In 2015, the sixth overall pick out of Port Moody, BC played in one game for the Roughnecks, where he recorded one assist and scooped five loose balls. He spent the rest of the season on the practice roster, where he took advantage of learning from the elite athletes on the team.

“Just being around all of those guys – I got one game in this year – just being a part of the team and learning. I learned a lot this year,” said Reinholdt. “You work hard every practice and with a successful summer. We haven’t finished up yet. Hopefully I can bring that into training camp and have a good season with the Roughnecks.”

While learning and practicing with some elite talent does make him a better player, there is no substitute for live game action.

Playing with the Rockyview Knights of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League, Reinholdt applied the skills he learned to lead the Knights to the President’s Cup. While Reinholdt is a leader on offence for Rockyview, he is likely to have a different role with the Roughnecks.

“I definitely will have a different role on both of these teams, but it’s good for the confidence,” Reinholdt said. “It’s just good to be part of a team and make a run and be competitive.

“I feel that versatility can work in my favour.”

He embraces that he can play multiple positions and realizes that it may be his ticket to the active roster.

Another way for him to make the roster is to get himself in great shape. Reinholdt will be looking to be in better shape than he was last year. Known for his speed and athleticism, coming into camp in great shape will let him take advantage of that skill set.

“Last year I worked with our trainer and came into camp in pretty good shape,” Reinholdt said. “I still have all my numbers from last year and I want to surpass my standards from last year. It’s my goal to be in tip-top shape. That’s going to be my best way to crack the line-up.”

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