It was exciting getting into my first game with the Roughnecks. It was fun to get going with the team.

It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but we had a good start and it was a good game.

I don’t even know if I can recall the first goal I scored, I was too excited when it happened. I think I was on the crease and I rolled off my guy, faked the goalie out and put it short-side.

The other goal was just a pass into the middle of the floor. We had a set play, but I had an opportunity and took advantage of it.

I’m happy with the fact that I’m getting a lot of minutes in games right off the bat. That’s helping me get into a rhythm, and helping me get to know the guys on the team. Being on the Roughnecks has been a lot of fun so far, getting to know the guys, getting comfortable with everybody and trying to take advantage of a bigger role for myself.

It’s a good group. They definitely are a well-organized group and they have a lot of systems in place. It was good to have a practice under my belt before I stepped into a game. It was nice to get familiar with the plays and the guys last weekend at practice in Calgary before getting into real game action, I think that helped me a lot.

Moving forward, I think we just have to tighten up and clean up our game. We lost a few goals in transition and we let a couple soft ones in, a couple calls didn’t go our way. It was a slippery slope for us in Rochester, but the effort was there. We just have to tighten up our game and I think everything will fall into place for us.

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