1. What would be your dream summer vacation?

Probably a tour around Europe, I’ve never been and would love to explore. Or somewhere hot and relaxing.

2. What’s your summer 2018 song?

Summer just started! I haven’t had a chance to pick one.  Maybe something country.  Summertime is a time for country music.

3. Beach or swimming pool?

Swimming pool, beachside. 😎

4. Jorts or no?

Sure, but only cut above the knee. 

5. Capris or no?

Seriously? Absolutely not. 

6. What’s your best summertime memory?

Playing Junior A Lacrosse in Burnaby and Senior A Lacrosse in New Westminster.

7. What’s your favourite summer activity?

I spend a lot of time on the field coaching with ELEV8 and Calgary Field Lacrosse and love what I do. When I am not coaching, I enjoy golfing or hiking.

8. Best ice cream flavor?

Rootbeer Float (yes, that is a flavor).

9. Favourite summer BBQ food?

Steak and Chicken Thighs.

10. What summer movie are you most looking forward to?

Mission Impossible: Fallout. Can’t go wrong with Tom Cruise leading an all-star cast in a high-octane, summer rollercoaster, blockbuster hit.

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