1. What would be your dream summer vacation?

Bora Bora – dream vacation anytime of the year. Those huts have been on my bucket list for years now. 

2. What’s your summer 2018 song?

Jackie Chan – Tiesto & Dzeko ft. Post Malone.

If I’m ever in a bad mood, I’ll put that song on and it’ll turn my day right around! 🕺

3. Beach or swimming pool?

Swimming pool – have had one in my backyard since I can remember. Always love having friends over for a soak in the sun.

4. Jorts or no?

Have three pairs.

5. Capris or no?

Whatever Ryan Martel and Anthony Kalinich are wearing…30 holes in their jeans, and rolled up to their calves…Guess I need to play catch up on style like the young guys. So, I’m a no on capris.

6.What’s your best summertime memory?

One of my best pals Mike Henry and his family spoil us by having everyone in our friend group up for a cottage weekend in Tiny, Ontario. We’ve done it the last 6-or-7 years. I’ve unfortunately missed the last two for a bachelor party, and moved out to BC. But they’re memories I hold dearly, and it will always be my favourite time of the year.

7. What’s your favourite summer activity?

Spending time with friends and family I don’t get to see during the season.

8. Best ice cream flavour?

Cookie Dough, ice cream or blizzard. I don’t hesitate to order it every time.

9. Favourite summer BBQ food?

Bob Holder steaks. A family friend of ours makes hands down THE best steak I’ve ever had. 🤤

10. What summer movie are you most looking forward to?

I absolutely love superhero movies. I’m sure anyone on the team can attest to that. So I’ve seen the moves I want to see this year. Infinity War (saw it 5 times…) and Deadpool 2. But if it’s a movie coming up, I’d say the new Mission Impossible or Mile 22.

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