Since joining the Roughnecks in a trade for Shawn Evans in 2015, Tyler Digby has been a consistent force on the right side of Calgary’s offence.

We spoke with Digby about choosing lacrosse over football, superheroes and more.

On his first NLL goal:

“I don’t remember too much. I remember that it was in Colorado. I don’t know exactly how I scored, but I know it was pretty exciting to get that first goal.”

On the travel from Pittsburgh:

“It’s not too bad. You get used to it and you get yourself into a routine. When you do that, it makes it go by pretty quick.”

On what you’re doing over the bye week:

“Just working out, getting ready, but it’ll be nice to not have to travel this weekend. I’ll definitely enjoy that and be ready to go for that last game.”

On watching the Vancouver Stealth game this weekend:

“Most definitely.”

On what superpower he’d have:

“I think something with some speed. I’ve always been envious of guys who were super fast. So some quickness or some speed would be a good super power.

On enjoying superheroes as a kid:

“I wasn’t too big into the superheroes as a kid, so I didn’t have a favourite.”

“Curtis ‘Superman’ Dickson is my favourite now.”

On choosing lacrosse over football:

“It was tough, but I’ve always been more of a lacrosse guy growing up. I started playing at a very young age and it was my first love of sports. It was hard after that first season when I had to make the decision to play football or not. But I always knew that I was going to be playing lacrosse.”

On his favourite lacrosse memory:

“I think one of the biggest memories is being traded to Calgary. I think it’s played a big role in my lacrosse and I’m super happy to be in Calgary and play with the group of guys that we have.”

On his stick set-up:

“I tape mine up about three quarters of the shaft. I use a very shallow pocket. I like a very high release, so basically the opposite of Curtis Dickson. I like a pretty shallow, mid-high pocket so I can get the ball out quick.”

On hearing about his former roommate Mitch Wilde joining the team:

“It was awesome. Mitch is a great guy and we had some great times together in college. It’s always good to see a familiar face.”

On pre-game rituals/superstitions:

“I usually arrive pretty early for the game. I get my stick and re-tape it during the time when the cheerleaders are doing their practice. That’s pretty much it.”

On hardest player to play against:

“I think the NLL has some pretty great players, so it’s hard to pick one out. I just do my part by working hard and I’m usually not the one who has to pick up the best defenders, so I get lucky in that regard.”

“I can’t really think of just one guy.”

On what advice you’d give to young players:

“Just make sure you always have your stick in your hands. It’s a big part of the game. As much practice as you can get, especially outside of regular practice, that’s where you really grow — that time you put in by yourself.”

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