As the Roughnecks went, so did Tyler Digby in 2017.

During the Riggers two three-game win streaks, the 6-foot-3 right hander contributed 25 points to the cause. However, during the team’s two lengthy losing streaks, the big man netted just 17 points over eight games — even being blanked in a 17-8 loss to the Georgia Swarm.

“I think, along with the team, it was an up-and-down season for myself,” Digby said.

“I’ve learned a lot this season. There’s definitely some ups and downs. I’ve got to focus on taking those ups and working on those for next year.”

Playing in all 18 games in 2017, Digby scored 26 goals and 58 points, matching a career low. That being said, he’s never had less than 58 points in his career and was still in the top-30 among scorers in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). Pretty good for a ‘down’ year.

Digby reached a handful of personal milestones in 2017, scoring his 100th goal, earning his 100th assist, getting his 200th point, and scooping up his 200th loose ball. He’s accomplished those numbers in just four seasons in the NLL, two of which have been with Calgary.

The New Westminster, B.C., native attributes some of his success with the Roughnecks to playing alongside two of the league’s best scorers in Curtis Dickson and Wesley Berg.

“For me, it’s pretty easy to play with Dickson and Berg,” Digby said through a smirk. “I don’t have to do too much to get open as they draw a lot of attention, so I’m pretty lucky.”

But he’s not so quick to point out his personal accolades.

It’s all about the team goal.

“You go into the season wanting to make the playoffs and wanting to win a championship,” Digby said. “That’s what we’re all here for and that’s what we get paid to do. It’s a tough situation and it hurts a lot of guys and that’s going to fuel the fire moving forward here.”

And although those team goals weren’t accomplished, there are still some very valuable learning experiences that came out of the season.

For Digby, it was the team’s ability to push on and keep battling despite injuries, suspensions and those aforementioned losing streaks.

“There’s a lot. I think the biggest things, not just for myself, but for the team; we never quit,” Digby said. “That’s a huge thing, something to build on. I pride myself on that and I think as a team we did that very well.”

A prime example of never quitting is the Riggers’ performance in the final game of the season. With nothing left to fight for and playing the best team in the division, the team rallied together to pull off a fantastic 14-7 victory.

Having lost 10 in a row to the Rush, it was an important win for the team as they ended the year on a high note and gained confidence moving forward that they can beat their rival.

“We needed to get one,” said Digby. “It was a huge win and a hurdle that we needed to pass moving forward.”

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